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Swept Path Analysis Tool with Rhinoceros and Grasshopper

This is a quick video showing a tool I created using Rhino to calculate simple fixed axle swept path analysis on site plans for work.

This was quite a complicated program to create, but is able to be reused on multiple sites, for multiple vehicles. Based on the Ackermann steering and parametrised geometric principles.

It works really well in my workflow in architecture, as I can export siteplans as DWGs, import them into Rhino, perform the swept path analysis and bake them back into a DWG to be reimported into the BIM model.

If there’s any interest in it, I may upload a .GH file of the script for others to try out.


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Yes from what I hear AutoTurn is quite expensive? As an office, we can’t really justify a subscription, but my script seems to be accurate enough for most single axis vehicles

Hello! I’m doing some parking design and was hoping to use your tool if you are willing to share! Thanks for any time and consideration you can afford.


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