Black and white pencil sketch-cut through of a house in plan

Hi! I am an Project Architectural Assistant from Devon, currently working in Cornwall, with a love for creativity and logic. I have a deep affinity with digital technologies, and I am driven by efficient, eco-friendly design. At Parkes Lees Architects I am helping to bring building information modelling (BIM) to an excellent team and enjoy leading on challenging projects with interesting clients.

I am passionate about emerging technologies, virtual reality in architecture, and coding in design. Anything that enables me as a designer to concentrate less on repetitive tasks and more on the creative development of a design interests me. I really enjoy working with clients, and helping to turn their visions into a reality.

Before Parkes Lees I worked full time at Rogers and Jones Architects in Plymouth whilst also studying and completing my RIBA OBE Part 2 (Dip. Arch) with Oxford Brookes University, through distance learning. I continue to work towards building a strong, practical portfolio at a range of architectural scales.

I am a versatile designer, with self-taught expertise in a large number of software packages and programming languages, rapidly specialising in managed standards and coordinated BIM (specifically BSI PAS:1192 Government-Mandated Level 2 Design Coordination) using Graphisoft ARCHICAD (with past extensive experience with Revit). Other skill sets include:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Rhinoceros 3D with extensive Grasshopper (+Galapagos) visual coding experience
  • SketchUp conceptual & detailed modelling
  • Adobe presentational packages: InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator

I also have past experience in website design, development and coding — having worked freelance with several small, private clients and companies to set up and maintain websites. I have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, Python, PHP (WordPress), JavaScript and some major frameworks.