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I am an Assistant Project Architect from Devon, currently working in Cornwall, with a love for creativity and logic. I have a deep affinity with digital technologies, and I am driven by efficient, eco-friendly design. At Parkes Lees Architects I am helping to bring building information modelling (BIM) to an excellent team and enjoy leading on challenging projects with interesting clients.

I am passionate about emerging technologies, virtual reality in architecture, and coding in design. Anything that enables me as a designer to concentrate less on repetitive tasks and more on the creative development of a design interests me. I really enjoy working with clients, and helping to turn their visions into a reality.

Before Parkes Lees I worked full time at Rogers and Jones Architects in Plymouth whilst also studying and completing my RIBA OBE Part 2 (Dip. Arch) with Oxford Brookes University, through distance learning. I continue to work towards building a strong, practical portfolio at a range of architectural scales.

I am a versatile designer, with self-taught expertise in a large number of software packages and programming languages, rapidly specialising in managed standards and coordinated BIM (specifically BSI PAS:1192 Government-Mandated Level 2 Design Coordination) using Graphisoft ARCHICAD (with past extensive experience with Revit). Other skillsets include:

– Autodesk AutoCAD
– Rhinoceros 3D with extensive Grasshopper (+Galapagos) visual coding experience
– SketchUp conceptual & detailed modelling
– Adobe presentational packages: InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator

I also have past experience in website design, development and coding — having worked freelance with several small, private clients and companies to set up and maintain websites. I have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, Python, PHP (WordPress), JavaScript and some major frameworks.


Five Reasons Why I’m Loving Using Blender for my Architectural Visualisations

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been revisiting a piece of software that I had tried out a few years ago, but had gotten frustrated by and eventually put down, due to limitations that the program had at the time and my own time constraints. The piece of software is called Blender, and it’s …

Designing a shipping container house for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt (GISH)

We’ve been moving into our new house! The past two weeks have been physically exhausting, but great fun. We are finally unpacked, and enjoying having a garden for change – just in time to enjoy this wonderful weather in the UK. The building itself is a 1930s council house, and its true what they say; …

Swept Path Analysis Tool with Rhinoceros and Grasshopper

This is a quick video showing a tool I created using Rhino to calculate simple fixed axle swept path analysis on site plans for work. This was quite a complicated program to create, but is able to be reused on multiple sites, for multiple vehicles. Based on the Ackermann steering and parametrised geometric principles. It works …


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